Choreomania a fictional princedom in 17th-century Germany: War, pestilence and the very real legends of vampires, werewolves, demons and fairies have driven the land into ruins. But the rightful Prince, but not very typical hero, Hektor maria Secundus Adalhardt of Veitstanz travels around the princedom, seeking to rebuild it.

That is, if he can survive...


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News from the Uni Bütingen


Commisioned by the University Radio Tübingen, a monthly one-page comic about the madness of everyday university life. Be it "eco-friendly" hard plastic cups flown in from Australia, or the jungle of bureaucracy concerning exam and seminar applications, or Whaley the whale, who spontaneously explains the student union's standing rules in a way that everyone understands (hopefully): Problems are made fun of in a way that we can laugh at them.




The comic can be read here:  comic of the month.

Justice for All!


A webcomic which explains justice theory in a way so everyone can get it. Mostly those of Amartya Sen, Martha Nussbaum and John Rawls get explained. No easy answers, but it really gets your thinking gears going. Completed since September 2016.