21.01.2016 - 23.02.2016 - Curator of and exhibitor of the comic exhibit in the Tübingen Administrative District Office (Landratsamt Tübingen).


16.01.2016-17.01.2016 - Taught a two-day comic workshop at the Adult Education Center (Volkshochschule) in Tübingen for Germans and refugees age 15 and above.


November 2015 - Created one monthly picture for a calender for the NEPS-Study for Progress in Education in Germany (NEPS-Studie für Bildungsverläufe in Deutschland).


October 2015 - Received Bachelor of Arts in German Philology (Germanistik) and History of Arts (Kunstgeschichte) at the University of Tübingen.


15.05.2015 - 14.06.2015 - Exhibitor of "Work. Show! The teachers and Students of the Institute for Drawing Tübingen" ("Werk. Schau! Die Lehrenden und Studierende des Zeicheninstituts Tübingen") at the art gallery Tübingen.


March 2015 - Illustration work commissioned by the Global Ethic Institute (Weltethos-Institut) in Tübingen for the Social Innovation Camp.


January- March 2015 - Concept artist  for the homepage of the LifePhaseHouse (LebensPhasenHaus) Tübingen.


11.-12.11. 2014 - Sponsor and exhibitor at Reu-Con 2014.


June 2014 - Won first prize, Studium Professionale Prize at the University of Tübingen in the category "Picture/Sound/Art" for the performances in the "portrait drawing" class.


24.05.2014 - Exhibitior of "Choreomania - Studies of a Phantastical World" (Choreomania - Studien einer phantasischen Welt) about the comic-project "Veitstanz" with Maria Trofimova at the Tübingen Night of Culture (Tübinger Kulturnacht).


April 2014 - Self-published the third volume of the horror comic anthology "Schattenspiele", Tasks; Drawing, editing, advertising. Additional artists: Fanny Bieler.


February - July 2014 - Internship at the movie studio Zollernalb-Film in Rosenfeld. Worked on production design and storyboards.


October 2013 - Began teaching the comic-class at the Institute for Drawing at the University of Tübingen.


March 2013 - Began the employment as a comic artist for the Tübingen University Radio homepage.


15.11.2012 - Self-published the second volume of the horror comic anthology „Schattenspiele“. Tasks: Drawing, editing, advertisement and selling. Additional Artists and contributors: Maria Trofimova, Philip Hahn and Fanny Bieler.


2012 - Exhibitor of the „Helden, Anti-Helden, Heroes“, exhibit of the comic-drawing contest by the same name at the Mohr-Villa in Munich with the comic "Uroboros".


2012 - Illustrator for "LOLITA: The Artwork“, a book about lolita fashion. Publisher: Rachael Herb-Neterer.


15.11.2011 - Self-Published the first volume of the horror comic anthology „Schattenspiele“. Tasks: Drawing, editing and selling. Additional artists and contributors: Maria Trofimova und Philip Hahn.


12.11.2011- 13.11.2011 - Taught a two day comic and manga-workshop for beginners and advanced artists at the Adult Education Center (Volkshochschule) in Balingen.


18.09.2010 - Began  employment as a cartoonis for the  Zollern-Alb-Kurier.


2010 - Illustration for the fantasy anthology „Geschichten unter dem Weltenbaum“. Publisher: Lothar Mischke, Publishing House Torsten Low.


2009 - Illustrations of the book „Kiss Lounge“ by Alex Wohnhaas,  Publishing House Periplaneta.


2008 - Won fourth place at the drawing contest by and Ueberreuter concerning the book „Die Saat der Yokai“ by Martin and Maho Clauß.


2007 - Won second place at the manga-drawing-conest by the  Goethe-Institute in Dusseldorf during the Japan Day.