Maike Gerstenkorn Illustration

Straight to the point: I am here to professionally bring your creative vision to life at a

reasonable price and at high speed. I can offer you illustrations and comics that posess

this certain something - a punchline, a twist, a thing to remember.


Under Gallery you will find a selection of my illustrations, storyboards and comics.

You can also become more familiar with my work via the Vita and Projects pages.

You can reach me personally via the Contact page.


I offer drawing Lessons. I live in Tübingen, South Germany, and I have teaching

experience in German as well as English. I will be able to travel around Tübingen and

the district Zollernalb for meetings in person. We can also discuss matters over

video or chat.

I will gladly discuss your ideas non-commitally and advise you in all matters

concerning illustration. I'm looking forward to your e-mail!

Best regards,
Maike Gerstenkorn