CC-BY-NC Avatars

Anyone who talks to me about role-playing games for more than twenty minutes will probably find out that I love Shadowrun. Elves with smartphones (commlinks), dwarven biker gangs and dragon Ceo's are just everyday life in this cyberpunk urban fantasy world.


While reading the rulebooks, I noticed that the playable race of Trolls rarely featured images of women. I thought that was too bad. That's why I started drawing avatars for potential players and non-player characters and making them available. These can of course also be used for other projects than shadowrun campaigns and adventures.


Since then I have been publishing an illustration with 4 variants on my Patreon website every month. All works on it are free, but may not be used for commercial purposes. In the future I plan to expand the range, e.g. to also draw men and also pictures for settings other than urban fantasy.

"The Treasure of  Captain Selkie" - Aroma

"You are mermaids and / or mermen on a mission - a treasure map fell into your fins. The only problem: The treasure is buried. On land."


This german-language adventure and more can be found in the third issue of the role-playing game magazine Aroma. The Aroma RPG system is included in the book, beginner-friendly and quick to learn. The perfect book for roleplay beginners, conisseurs of unusual scenarios and everyone who just wants to play a short game.


AND! Since 2020 the first three issues of Aroma can be downloaded free of charge from the homepage!